by Stu Bristol

Stu Bristol is a Master Maine Hunting, Fishing & Tidewater Guide and Freeland Outdoor Writer, Life Member of the National Wild Turkey Federation; Past President, life Member and Director Emeritus of the New England Outdoor/writers Association.

His outdoor features have been published for more than 60 years

His game call company, Deadly Imposter Game Calls builds custom wild turkey, deer, owl and other calls including his popular “New Englander Model Slate over Glass pot call, the most popular combination pot/scratchbox call, the “Yankee Scratchpot.”

As a Vermont State Game Warden in the late 1960’s Stu helped introduce the initial wild trapped turkeys into southwestern Vermont. Those 31 birds, tapped in New York and released in Pawlet and Hubbardton Vermont largely are the brood stock for much of New England.

Learn how to make Box Calls, Pot Calls, Scratchbox, wing bones and owl hooters. Step-by-step, easy to understand instructions including call tuning and opeating tips.

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