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There’s a place in every hunters office, man cave, shed or attic where most of those impulse bought game calls reside. You know the ones that looked so good on the sporting goods shelf but you quickly became disappointed with once you got it out of the package.

“I could have made a better call myself,” is a common phrase hunters tell themselves just before tossing the expensive loser into nowhere land.

You are so right, you CAN build game calls yourself, using the tools most of you have around the home workshop. With only a few outside purchases of materials you can build quality turkey calls, owl hooters and other game calls, tuned to your liking and allowing you to experience what thousands of fly anglers already enjoy. Harvesting a wild turkey using a game call you made is similar to tying your own fishing fly then landing a trophy.

“Building Turkey Calls and Owl Hooters” is the first in the nation, one-of-a-kind workbook that is sure to be copied by other game call makers and home craftsmen. Sharing my nearly three decades of custom game call making is worth the effort when a reader sends a photo of his trophy called in with his own hand-crafted turkey call.

Plastic comb bound for easy use (lays flat) the 128 pages are crammed with step-by-step instructions and over 120 photos and illustrations.

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