We are offering this innovative design in a varieties of domestic and exotic woods including but not limited to walnut, purpleheart, cherry, sassafras and mahogany. Each call is built one-at-a-time, custom to each customers likes. Important features include surface cleaner glued to top and extra thick striker tip for sharper clucks, kees and yelps. Ships with one-piece purpleheart striker and extra thick Vermont green slate striker.



Gunstock quality Walnut call.

It’s a scratchbox turkey call AND it’s a slate pot call. That’s right, we’ve combined the vintage scratchbox call design with an inlaid .091 Pennsylvania slate making it the “Yankee ScratchPot.” Just 4-1/4 inches by 2-1/4 inches by 3/4 inch, this call fits easily into a shirt pocket and it reproduces all the vocalizations of wild turkeys.

Bill W from West Virginia writes, “There are so many voices in this little call you’d swear there is a flock of turkeys in your pocket.” The call fits in shirt pocket and can be operated with one-piece purpleheart striker with unique powertip or double thick Vermont slate. Striker includes our signature surface cleaner attached to the top. 100 grit sandpaper is also included to keep the tip and slate fresh.

This call ships with a one-piece Purpleheart striker featuring our signature surface cleaner attached to the top and a double thick Vermont slate as well as extra surface cleaners and sandpaper to renew slate and striker tip.